our pork

sustainably farmed pork meat boxes

pork boxes​

Our sustainably farmed, slow-grown pork has become a staple in many households local to our farm. We work with native-breed pigs to produce truly succulent pork with mouth watering flavour. They are raised in our woodland over looking the Malvern Hills.

All joints are supplied vacuum packed and ready for your freezer. Our pork chops come in packs of 4, sausages in pack of 6 and the pork mince in half-kilo packs.

half pig box

Approximately 20-25kg. This box includes 1 whole leg of pork (jointed), 1 whole pork shoulder (jointed), traditional sausages, chops and pork mince.


individual pork cuts​

leg of pork

A flavour-rich cut perfect for smothering with your favourite marinade and slow roasting, or try cooking on the BBQ.


pork shoulder

Due to the high marbling of fat throughout this joint, the pork shoulder makes for a meltingly tender slow roast to serve on Sunday.


pork chops

Try pan-frying in butter with a sprig of thyme and slice of green apple before popping in the oven for a simple yet impressive supper.


pork sausages

Perfectly seasoned and utterly delicious, our homemade pork sausages and wonderful baked and enjoyed with a side of creamy mash.


pork mince

A staple on our kitchen table, our pork mince goes perfectly in rich bolognese, homemade pork and cheddar meatballs and so much more.