Meet the team

Get to know the friendly faces behind Salt of the Earth Livestock

Alyse + Isaac

Our story began in a small way in 2017, when we acquired a dozen chickens and then a few pigs. Alyse grew up in a farming family, and Isaac also has farming in his blood, so after we got married, acquiring some animals seemed a natural step. Initially this was purely for our own enjoyment, and to provide for our own freezer.

But after moving to Malvern that idea grew. So in the midst of each studying a full-time degree and working part-time, we bought 3 little pigs. Again, this was only for ourselves initially, but we began to realise that our friends and neighbours were really interested in our farming venture and so the potential for a small business began. These 3 Berkshire x pigs were shortly followed by a small group of Suffolk x sheep from Alyse’s parents for both eating and breeding. Within the next 12 months, our flock was added to with the addition of some North Country Mules and of course our all important Suffolk rams – Milo and Tipex!

Our ethos has always centred on native breeds; rearing those animals designed to best thrive in our landscape in a sustainable but viable way. Our Suffolk x lambs grow well on just grass and the goodness of their mother’s milk, with additional feed only required to provide all the vital nutrients and energy at the times our sheep need it most – in preparation for, during and immediately after pregnancy.

With our pigs, the incredible flavour of the darker Berkshire breed was a winner, so we committed to producing flavourful, happy meat produced by pigs living as they were designed to. We currently have 2 breeds of pig – the Large Black and Oxford Sandy and Blacks – both of which are on the Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) watchlist. They spend their days rootling around in woodland, foraging on the leaves and vegetation, as well as turning over the soil to undercover the goodness below. This not only benefits their natural instincts and we’re sure improves their flavour, but also clears the woodland floor in a natural way that will allow for new plants to grow through the following spring.

As Christians, we want to farm in a sustainable way that is good for creation in all forms – both wild and tame. We aim to steward and tend our land and animals in a way that we believe we are called to – respecting and caring for all created life to enable it to flourish.